I am a new member to the Wealthy Affiliate Community, with minimum website experience looking for the right affiliate  program that offers coaching and training services.  Over the past 2 decades, I just kept chasing the American dream as we all know of: Go-to-School; Get a good Job; then Get a Better Job and you should be well off.

My Story

At this moment I have 2 degrees  (B.S. Hotel Restaurant Management, and M.B.A in  Business Administration). My professional repertorie  consist of experience in the (Hotel Industry, Mental health, Social services,  and Event marketing).  Now I want to offer an online service for those looking for help in the self help category ranging from stress managment, success, to motivation. With that being said I want to become an Internet infoprener (information entrepreneur”) , where one uses the Internet as a platform to distribute and monetizing information.

I was always taught to work smarter and not harder. Im at the point in my life that I am ready to run my own business. Therefore with the internet not going anywhere, I want to shift my focus to online business so I  can get some of my time back.

Goal of my site

As users browse  my website it will give them great opportunities to review and engage in the content offered.  Having the best content on the website, will act like a marketing tool.  With the main page written in an engaging way, with content regularly updated will lead to an increase in traffic, where readers will engage by leaving comments, as well as sharing valuable content with other users through social media outlets.

All the best,

Owassa McDaniel

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